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Off-Off Campus
Off-Off Campus
Fridays, February 1st through March 1st, 7:30 PM
The Revival Comedy Club
1160 E 55th St

Off-Off Campus Presents: 'One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Four Fish'

For over 30 years, Off-Off continues to serve up unique weekly shows featuring sketch comedy, improvisation and various preglow performances from both talented and talentless groups across campus. Alumni include playwrights David Auburn and Greg Kotis, as well as innumerable writers, performers, upstanding civilians, and others who also turned out fine. See them here first.

For comprehensive Off-Off Campus news and information visit us on Facebook.Some adult language and scenarios, not advised for young children.

Tickets: $5
To purchase a $15 Season Pass CLICK HERE.

**In the event of a SOLD OUT performance all complimentary tickets must be picked up 15 minutes prior to curtain and Quarter Pass holders must arrive no later than 7:00 PM to reserve your seat.**
  • 'One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Four Fish'
  • Personal Basket