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Logan Center Family Saturdays
Logan Center Family Saturdays
First Saturdays of the month, 2-4:30 PM
October 2018 through May 2019

Logan Center for the Arts
915 E 60th St

November 3, 2018

Theme:The Circle of Life

The life/death cycle has been honored by nearly every culture in the world. For our November Family Saturday, the Logan Center for the Arts is teaming up with the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival to explore how film, movement, and visual art can help keep the legacy of our loved ones alive while celebrating new spirits and ways of life.



Room: DOVA Hallway

All Ages

Arts and Crafts with Live Arts Studio

Join live Arts Studio for arts and crafts activities designed to help us celebrate loved ones who are no longer with us. Honor those who have transitioned with lively visual art creations and together we will build a shrine to keep the memories of our ancestors alive.



Room: 201

Ages 8 and up

Storytellers and Story Keepers

Presented by the Chicago International Children's Film Festival

The stories, tales, and folklore in this collection of shorts span generations and locales. In one French short, a magic tortoise grants a fisherman and his wife ever-increasingly lavish lifestyle accoutrements, until they get their comeuppance. In another short from the Republic of Congo, beware of false friends, no matter how charming! In the last short, the familiar Arabian Nights tale is vividly portrayed on screen in Scheherazade's familiar quandry - can she keep spinning her fabulous stories?



Room: 802

Ages 7 and up

Mandala South Asian Dance Workshop

South Asian fables come to life with stomping feet and fancy fingers. Participants learn dance steps, hand gestures and facial expressions plus various ways to keep rhythm, perform and celebrate the beauty of life and death through traditional South Asian dances.


Room: 801

Family Jamm:

Ages 2-5

In this family yoga class, caregivers and their children will explore ways to cultivate connection and communication through play.


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