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Logan Center Family Saturdays
Logan Center Family Saturdays
First Saturdays of the month, 2-4:30 PM
Logan Center for the Arts


Sweet Home UChicago

Saturday, May 5

Spend an afternoon learning about the rich history andimpact of the University of Chicago through the lense of the arts from theWorld’s Fair to present day adventures.


Live Arts Studio
DOVA Hallway

Envision and design creative colorful maps that encourageexploration of the University of Chicago Campus.


Hyde Park School of Dance
Room 603

Dance to your favorite songs by South Side Artists in thisfun and energetic Hyde Park School of Dance Workshop.


Southside Projections
Room 201

View a series of short films created to share the history ofthe University of Chicago.


Baby Jam
Room 802

Join yoga instructor Nubia Henderson for anafternoon of parent and me yoga and meditation.

Going Global: Exploring Creative Traditions
Saturday, June 2

The advent and expansion of technology has given people the ability to easily exchange goods, ideas, trends, and culture. Take a trip around the world with us as we peek into the lives of our global neighbors through music, dance, film, and technology.

Tickets: FREE but reservations are strongly recommended.

Check-In at the Welcome Table located at the North Entrance to secure entry to the workshops and events. Workshop capacities are limited and entry is first-come, first-served. Early arrival is recommended.

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