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Logan Center Family Saturdays
Logan Center Family Saturdays

Saturday, January 6, 2-4:30 pm

Logan Center for the Arts

Visions of Peace: Past, Present and Future

Join us for an afternoon dedicated to remembering peaceful heroes and imagining peace in our homes, communities and in the world.

Live Arts Studio
DOVA Hallway, 2-4pm
All Ages

Explore designing global symbols and leaders of peace with hands on arts and crafts led by the artists of Live Arts Studio.

Hyde Park School of Dance
Room 901, 3-4pm
Ages 5-7

Join Hyde Park School of Dance for a creative movement workshop exploring peace through the mind and body.

Southside Projections
Room 201, 3-4pm
Ages 6 and up

Enjoy films created for January's Family Saturday theme of "Visions of Peace." South Side Projections has gathered several classic and soon-to-be classic animated films about overcoming shyness, fear, and greed to create a better world. Yo! Yes?, an adaptation of Chris Raschka's 1993 book, is about two kids on a basketball court who decide to take a chance on friendship. In Island of the Skog, an adaptation of Stephen Kellog's 1973 book, a family of city mice flee across the sea to find a peaceful place to live, only to discover that their new home is also the home of a mysterious, possibly dangerous creature. Abuela Grillo (Grandma Grasshopper) tells of a woman who summons rain when she sings, which angers companies that want to make people pay for water.

Tickets: FREE but reservations are strongly recommended.

Check-In at the Welcome Table located at the North Entrance to secure entry to the workshops and events. Workshop capacities are limited and entry is first-come, first-served. Early arrival is recommended.