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 Imani Winds
Imani Winds
Friday, May 11, 7:30 PM
Logan Center, Performance Hall
6:30 PM lecture with Michael Dawson

Imani Winds closes its UChicago residency with a concert celebrating the continuing civil rights movement. Frederic Rzewski's work is dedicated to John Hope Franklin, a distinguished scholar of African-American history who taught at UChicago; Vijay Iyer's piece was partially influenced by the death of Trayvon Martin; and Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Threadgill's new work reflects both his time in Chicago and acivil rights theme.

Program: A Change is Gon' Come

Frederic Rzewski: Sometimes
Vijay Iyer: Bruits
Henry Threadgill: new work - world premiere
Traditional arr. Jeff Scott: American spirituals
Sam Cooke arr. Imani Winds: A Change is Gonna Come

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  • 6:30 PM lecture with Michael Dawson